Acelp.NET -64 bit

Acelp.NET -64 bit is series of powerful multimedia codecs
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ACELP (Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction) technology platform is the core speech codec technology present in more than 15 telecommunication standards.
The family of codecs includes a dual-rate codec (8.5/6.5 kbps), a fixed-rate codec (5.0 kbps) and a wideband codec (16 kbps). The dual-rate version of has the ability to switch bit rates on the fly to effectively handle network inconsistencies. provides toll-quality compression at 8.5 kbps and near-toll quality at lower rates. wideband provides better intelligibility and richer sound than toll quality. is the preferred low bit rate speech codec in RealAudio and is widely deployed in both Windows Media Player and Audible ready equipment.

This technology can be rapidly harnessed for closed-system applications such as broadcast over the Internet (multicasting), multimedia email and multimedia conferencing.

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